What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

That was a question written on a gift that a friend once bought me. It’s such a great question, because it gets to the heart of what you love to do. Try asking yourself that question right now. It challenges you to put aside the safe option, and instead to pursue your dreams. What’s your answer? Mine was to work with cars.

I’ve been obsessed with these cars since I was little, and in 2010 I became a customer of JPS Motorsports, driving this beautiful Speedster replica, often as my daily driver. And so it was that after a successful career in technology marketing, John Steele approached me with a powerful idea. To help him create a new line of JPS cars designed to offer the same quality as his Custom Speedsters and Coupes, but be readily available, in stock and featuring the most commonly requested colors and accessories so that customers don’t have to wait months for their car, and can drive one away within a week or two. We saw eye-to-eye instantly on the idea, decided to go for it, and to call the new line of cars JPS Classics.

John’s offer came at the right time for me. At 45 years old, I wasn’t ready to retire. But at the same time I wanted to find something that I truly loved to do, that gave me a creative outlet, and most importantly that gave me the opportunity to work with customers and to build beautiful things. Thanks to John that’s what I get to do now, every day.

Sure, there’s some risk in our new venture. And it might not work. But we have a lot going for us. Having already been a customer of JPS Motorsports I know quite a bit about the ownership experience. I’ll never forget how I felt when I picked up my Speedster and drove it away – the ‘chainsaw’ sound of the powerful 2332cc engine, the smell of oil and leather and gasoline, the deep connection with the car through the manual ‘box and the beautifully tuned steering and firm suspension. It’s a fantastic feeling – visceral, exciting and the quality of the ride is all down to you and how well you drive.

So I’m going to bring that feeling with me to work every day, because when you’re as passionate as this, it’s so much easier to do your job. My love of these cars helps me see the possibilities clearly. It helps me get through the tough days because I know that the next day will be fun. And it isn’t remotely stressful because I’m finally doing what I love to do. Zero wasted time and energy.

I look forward to working with our new JPS Classics customers, especially those like me who want everything yesterday!

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