Live What You Do

It’s one thing to love what you do. But it’s another thing to live what you do. At forty five years old, younger people are starting to see me as a bit of an old duffer who might just know a few things that can help them get started in professional life. My number one piece of advice to them? Live what you do. You can’t possibly sell a product or service if you don’t use it, or at least get close to it every day. You need to know it inside out and back to front. You have to know its greatest strengths and its true vulnerabilities. You need to know what makes it great, or what needs to be done to make it great. So, I’m taking a leaf out of my own book and ordering my own JPS Classic.

As you perhaps read in my first post, my first JPS was more “classic” in its appearance. Note the side mouldings, hood handle, emblems, wing mirrors. The wheels I’ll grant you were a bit of a departure. This time, I’m going for more of a racer/outlaw appearance. The Speedster was originally inspired because the 356 was being raced, modified and lightened. A great bi-product of the Speedster being raced was a fantastic-looking car that looked lean, purposeful and ready to go. My inspiration this time around is from cars like this:

When final assembly starts, I’ll write updates and explain the accessories and options I’m choosing to create my little racer. Check back soon, and I'm 100% open to suggestions! Leave a comment below.

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