Bringing Your Vision to Life

Since I started JPS Classics, I've already worked with lots of customers to help them define their vision for their JPS. It's a really fun thing to work on because every customer we speak to has a slightly different idea for their car. Many want an exact replica of the original or as close as we can possibly get to it. Others want Carrera-style racers. Still more want a completely personalized outlaw look.

It has become apparent that the options list alone doesn't cut it, so we created our new options catalog to help our customers more easily visualize their car and how to make it a personal expression.

Even on our basic Classic Speedster, there's a wide range of color options available, and once you start adding your choice of these options, there's a strong chance of creating a completely unique car. Once you get into the features on the Customs such as pleated seats and contrast piping, the number of permutations becomes almost limitless!

Please enjoy the new catalog and as always feel free to leave a comment if you think we're missing anything.

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