JPS Classics - Every Build is Unique

Since we launched JPS Classics back in March this year, we have had a fantastic reaction to our new Classic Speedster Replica. So much so that we have been unable to keep any of the cars in stock – instead they’re ordered months before they’re sitting on the shop floor. We are increasing production hoping that some of them can remain unsold until they’re finished and customers can come in to our shop, choose a car from the floor, pick an engine and some optional upgrades, and take delivery quickly!

What’s been great about Classics so far is that although they’re always in production, many customers have been able to order theirs before they’re painted or upholstered which has given them maximum creativity to create a semi-custom car. We can paint JPS Classics any color under the sun, and have a choice of 20 different colors for the full leather interior. Add to that the range of engines, transmissions, wheels and our long list of upgrades and this has created a totally unique car with every single build.

Some customers have chosen the clean, classic look. Others have chosen more of a touring look and our friend Jake from Massachusetts pushed us to create a Carrera look, straight off the racetrack – we didn’t take much persuading. We also installed a 2332cc air-cooled high performance engine so that the car delivers on its appearance.

So I wanted to say a BIG thank you to our JPS Classics customers so far for understanding the idea of Classics, partnering with us on the first few builds, and most of all for being creative and letting us bring their vision to life.

What’s next? Well, we are about to finish our first Subaru-powered JPS Classic, and we have some fantastic customer visions that will come to life over the next few weeks. Stay tuned by following us on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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