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JPS Classics strives to have kits in stock, and there are always more in production.  The Classics kits are consistently being assembled so you can take delivery quickly.  All you have to do is choose your optional upgrades, and source your engine and transmission. Occasionally, we also have JPS Customs in stock.

JPS New Convertible D built with power windows and navy  leather interior.  Convertible D comes with Subaru Engine and  Bluetooth speaker , hood handle, full emblem package, and 5 lug chrome wheels.  Fully equipped and ready to go email us for more information and pricing,

JPS Custom Coupe was built in 2018 and has a 2.5 SOHC Subaru Engine in Slate Grey. Custom Coupe has 2-tone color and heated seats with air conditioning , side spears, hood straps, bumper guards, and tan german square weave.  Fully equipped and ready to go! For more information, contact us by email at SOLD!!!

This Custom Subaru 230HP JDM DOHC - RED Speedster and cream off white  full leather interior. Custom A/C ,Custom Gauge Package, Leather door panels and Dash, FM/BT Radio driving Lights,  Dead Pedal,  heated seats, Bluetooth stereo, luggage rack, tan hood straps! Fully equipped and ready to go! For more information, contact us by email at



This Custom Speedster comes in Green Onyx Metallic and tan full leather interior. Its a used 2017 custom speedster and 7,000 miles and has a Subaru Engine with air conditioning and heated seats. For more information, contact us by email at



This Classic Speedster comes in black and a whiskey tan full leather interior.  You can have any of our recommended air-cooled engines installed - or you can install your own.  It comes fully loaded with all the Classic trim including driving lights, bumper guards, luggage rack, chrome wheels and super nipple hubcaps. 


JPS Classics is always producing new kits, so that:

  • You don't have to wait a long time for an almost complete car

  • You can choose any paint color you want, and from 20 different leather interior choices.

Call for pricing and availability.


Due to the full custom nature of these cars, it is very rare to have cars in stock.  From time to time, JPS Customers will sell their used cars through us, often because they've ordered a new JPS!  Check back often to see what we have.

JPS Customs in Stock
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