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JPS  Speedster

JPS  Speedster is available by custom order, so you can drive the classic car you've always dreamed of.

  • Classic Speedster design

  • Iconic paint and leather colors 

  • Install your own engine/transmission or select from our recommended suppliers

  • Beautiful styling choices

  • Build time 12-14 months

*Optional Upgrades are added on a build sheet and total will be based on customer engine size and  upgrades to their build sheet.

Call for Pricing.

760.334.8356 x1 


Models shown with optional equipment


We take the time to understand your vision for the assemble - how it will look, how you'll use it & where you'll take it.

We develop the exact assemble sheet for your replica, including the correct mechanical set up for your intended power train.

We assemble  to your specification, coordinating carefully with your engine and transmission suppliers to ensure a perfect fit.

Optional Upgrades

Every JPS is an opportunity to create something truly unique.  From a fresh-out-of-the-factory look to a stripped down racer to an outlaw, these optional upgrades are designed to help you bring your personal vision to life.  Click on the images below for prices and descriptions.  Please note:  we are not a parts business and this is not a parts catalog.

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