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  • How do I register my JPS?
    JPS Classics are assembled on a tubular steel chassis which is the basis for your vehicle registration. Depending upon the state/country you reside in most motor vehicle authorities allow you to register your car as a "kit car" - you simply present your invoices for the car chassis/body, engine/transmission and assembly to your DMV, and they issue you with a vehicle registration and smog exemption, for example the SB100 in California. Please research your specific state or country's requirements BEFORE ordering your JPS Classic. JPS Customs receive a VW title. The year reflects the manufactured year of the original donor pan. Pre 1976 models are smog exempt.
  • Can my car be shipped to me?
    Yes. We use carefully selected and reliable shipping experts for domestic shipments within the USA and internationally. Price for shipping is on a case-by-case basis and is in addition to the cost of your JPS.
  • What kind of insurance do I need?
    There are a variety of insurance companies who can cover your JPS. Here's a quick selection: In California, US Only: Barlow Insurance: 1-800-558-7772 Hagerty Classic Auto Insurance: 1-800-922-4050 US Nationwide: Hagerty Insurance: 1-800-747-5348
  • What type of maintenance schedule is recommended?
    JPS cars use VW air-cooled engines and Subaru water-cooled engines. Stock air-cooled engines will require a valve adjustment and tune-up every 3000 miles. This is a simple process and can be done by foreign auto mechanics found all over the world. VW built a staggering 29 million air-cooled engines, so finding parts and service is never a problem. The engine oil should be changed at 3 months or 3000 mile intervals. Similarly, Subaru water-cooled engines are more and more ubiquitous worldwide so it's easy to find a Japanese export engine mechanic, and the parts you'll need. We recommend the standard Subaru service intervals.
  • Is there a warranty on JPS cars?
    Yes. We offer a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor - whichever comes first. If like many of our customers you don't live in California, we will select a specialist who is local to you to confirm and complete warranty items on your car.
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