Custom Speedster

A fully customized Outlaw or GT Speedster, limited only by your imagination.

  • Two iconic shapes, one focus on performance

  • Four engine choices

  • Virtually limitless exterior & interior choices

  • 100% your vision from $47,550

CLASSIC Black Hollywood.png
CLASSIC Meissen Blue.png


Limited Only by Your Imagination 

The Custom Speedster is designed to take what is arguably the most iconic automotive design ever, and make it all your own.  Our customers have worked with us to design truly unique combinations of colors, wheels, engines, suspension, lights and interiors.  From Outlaw to GT-style stripped down racer, the only limit is your imagination.  Better still, there are two body styles to choose from - the original Speedster and the Wide Body.  So whatever we assemble for you is your personal interpretation and is completely unique. That being said, here's what every Custom Speedster starts with:

  • Totally Reconditioned VW IRS 5 X 205 Chassis (effortless vehicle registration and smog exempt)

  • Hand-laid, steel reinforced fiberglass body 

  • Disc brakes, front and rear

  • Independent Rear Suspension 

  • All new 2110cc 125 horsepower air cooled flat four 'boxer engine', with multiple engine upgrades available including Subaru power

  • New original-style chrome 5-lug wheels with 185 x 15 tires 

  • New wood-rim or leather wrapped steering wheel

  • FM/CD radio with speakers/Bluetooth

  • Full leather interior (any color)

  • Convertible top and side curtains

  • Warranty 12 months 12,000 miles (24/24 for a Subaru engine)

  • Delivery in 18-24 months

Scroll down or contact us for available options to create a totally-custom car built around you.

Before optional extras, the standard package is $47,550.00

CUSTOM SPEEDSTER Original Body Style

Iconic Shape, Unique Style

The 356 Speedster is one of the most adored automotive designs of all time.  This design forms the basis of the Custom for a thrilling, top down driving experience.  Looking like rain?  Sun too strong? The Custom Speedster comes fully equipped with a convertible top and side curtains so that this baby never gets confined to the garage just because the weather isn't perfect.  

$ Price:  included in standard package

JPS Custom Speedster
JPS Motorsports Custom Renegade Flared

The Racer They Never Built

The Wide Body is the car 'they' would have built for racing if they could have seen the future. Flared wheel arches on a classic Speedster body makes for a broader wheelbase, and even more suspension, wheel and tire options.  As part of the Custom family, this outrageous looking car is completely customizable.  Let's talk about the merits of going wide!

$ Price to add flared body/wider steel wheel package:  $2000

CUSTOM SPEEDSTER Paint Color Options

Technicolor Dreams

If you can dream it up, or ideally give us a paint sample or number, we can paint your car whatever color you want! 

Our renowned painting process takes three to four weeks. For the Custom we use the original German Glasurit method of painting, color sanding, and buffing all panels along with finish polishing of all body surfaces.  This ensures that the beautiful appearance of your JPS stands the test of time.

Price:  Included in standard package

JPS Motorsports Custom 356 Speedster Replica Bronze
JPS Motorsports Custom Interior black white piping banjo steering wheel
CUSTOM SPEEDSTER Interior Leather Options

All Leather, All You

You get to choose your leather color and texture from a huge array of choices not only for the seats, but also the dash, door panels and trim.


There's also custom and contrast stitching, piping and paneling options that create a true one-of-a-kind interior.  Check our gallery for more some interesting examples of what can be done.

Price:  Included in standard package

Subaru water-cooled engine
Air-cooled 1776, 2110 or 2332cc
Optional Engines & Air Conditioning

More Power to You

Options abound when it comes to powering your JPS Custom.  Standard is a hi-po 2110cc air-cooled boxer engine good for 125hp or you can opt for the 2332cc cranking out 150+hp.  Check out our air-cooled engine video for more information.


A higher percentage of our customers are choosing our liquid cooled flat four Subaru 'boxer' engine.  There are two versions to choose from:  either a 180 horsepower US spec SOHC or a 230 horsepower DOHC version from JDM.  Both these fully reconditioned engines provide smooth, exploitable power right off the line, and an amazing throaty hotrod sound!  They feature a JPS-designed cooling system, invisibly mounted horizontally behind the nose of the car, under the trunk compartment.  Though maybe not for the purists, we have to say that these cars are fantastic to drive! 


The Subaru engines also include superior heating and air conditioning, with a JPS-designed under dash-mounted control panel and air conditioning/heating system.

Price for 2332cc air-cooled engine and  2332cc transmission: : Call for prices or email us at 

Subaru Speedster packages are available call us or request email for options list for more details

Jay Leno test drives our Subaru-powered JPS

How You Roll

Speedster Original Body Style Wheels:

In keeping with the classic look of the 1957 Speedster, we offer original-style chrome 5-lug wheels or optional alloy wheels with 185 x 15 tires.  So, you have three choices that help make your Custom look all your own:

  • Chrome half moon hub caps (Price included in standard package)

  • Super "nipple" hub caps (Price: $220)

  • Fuchs-style alloys (Price: $650)

  • Tell us what else you like and we will make it happen if it can fit (Price: CALL)

Speedster Flared "SC" Wheels:

To fill those giant wheel arches, and to broaden the wheelbase you get to choose between:

  • Widened chrome wheels with half moon hub caps (Price included in standard "SC" upgrade package)

  • Oversized polished Fuchs style alloys (Price: $1000)

  • Tell us what else you like and we will make it happen if it can fit (Price: CALL)

See options list for more details.  The sky's the limit when it comes to wheels.  Choose from one of our options, or let's discuss your vision. If your desired wheel fits and safety and driving performance isn't compromised, we'll make it happen!

JPS Motorsports 356 Speedster replica half moon hub caps
Half Moon hub caps
JPS Motosports 356 speedster replica fuchs alloys
Fuchs style wheels
JPS Motorsports Custom Renegade flared arches
Polished widened Fuchs Alloys
JPS Motorsports 356 speedster super nipple hubs caps
Super "Nipple" hub caps 
Custom wheels example
JPS Motorsports Custom Renegade widened 5 lug wheels
Widened Chrome Rims

The Custom Speedster is designed to be one of the most customizable cars in the world.  Bringing your vision to life takes about 18-24 months.  But the end result is a unique demonstration of your vision for the purest driving experience.  Remember, if you don't want to wait a whole year, there are other options.

The Custom design process works best if you can visit our shop, but even if you're a world away we will work with you to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. And remember, what you see here is just the beginning - you can mix and match to your heart's delight. Contact us to tell us about your vision and let's make it happen!