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Electric Speedster


The JPS Classic Speedster's tubular steel chassis lends itself perfectly to electrification.  Unconstrained by a gasoline car's fixed architecture, we started with a clean sheet to develop a new chassis/body configuration that offers:

  • 7 Tesla Model S high performance lithium ion batteries

  • Custom-made aluminum battery storage built into the body of the car

  • Optimized weight distribution and handling by:

    • Placing the forward battery pack aft of the front axle

    • Placing the rear battery pack forward of the rear axle

  • 0-60mph in under 5 seconds​

  • An estimated range of 150 miles on a single charge

  • Charging from empty to full on 220v in four hours (110v charging also built in)


Scroll down to learn more, or contact us to discuss your Electric Speedster replica kit.

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Includes kit from JPS Classics, and all electric drivetrain components from EV West.  Does not include installation by a JPS-recommended installer.


The first version of the JPS Classic Electric Speedster Kit was developed in close consultation with EV West, world leaders in electric conversion technology for cars. 


The JPS Classic Electric Speedster Kit uses a tried and tested combination of electric components, mated to a custom-built transmission optimized for electric.   By combining a cutting edge electric drivetrain with classic looks and JPS build quality, we have created a modern classic zero emissions vehicle that will outrun most other cars on the road.  

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Developed with our friends at


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