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Electric Speedster



The JPS Classic Speedster's tubular steel chassis was designed from the ground up to become the most exciting electric sports car on the road. Liberated from the constraints of a gas-burning car, we engineered a whole new Speedster with the following specs:


  • Seven Tesla lithium battery modules provide 38kW of electric power

  • Netgain AC motor offers instant electric torque and acceleration, greatly exceeding the specs of the stock gas engine

  • Battery compartment is designed into the chassis of the car, leaving maximum cabin and trunk space for storage

  • Extremely low center of gravity and great weight distribution allow for the optimal driving experience

  • Accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds

  • Estimated vehicle range is 130 miles on a single charge

  • Standard dual onboard chargers cut charge times in half

  • Charge from empty to full in five hours at any regular public charging station, or on any 220V home charging station

  • Charge from any regular 110V outlet with the supplied cable

  • Battery management system keeps the lithium pack safe, healthy and well-balanced


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Includes kit from JPS Classics, and all electric drivetrain components from EV West.  Does not include installation by a JPS-recommended installer.


The first version of the JPS Classic Electric Speedster Kit was developed in close consultation with EV West, world leaders in electric conversion technology for cars. 


The JPS Classic Electric Speedster Kit uses a tried and tested combination of electric components, mated to a custom-built transmission optimized for electric.   By combining a cutting edge electric drivetrain with classic looks and JPS build quality, we have created a modern classic zero emissions vehicle that will outrun most other cars on the road.  

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