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JPS Assemble  Process

We assemble kits with a focus on quality and attention to detail.  From the chassis and suspension to the hand-laid steel-reinforced fiberglass body, from the leather interior to the four wheel disc braking system, JPS cars are designed to look and perform beautifully from day one and long into the future.

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We begin with our own body kit of handlaid fiberglass with the doors and deck lids prefitted for straight and even gaps all around. The body is primered and blocked at least three times to ensure all waves and distortions in the fiberglass are addressed.

The doors and decks are then removed from the body and painted off the car so that no unpainted areas or flat spots occur.

Build Process Details


JPS Customs are built on reconditioned VW Beetle pans, either the earlier Swing-Axle cars or the later models with Independent Rear Suspension - your choice.  The basic VW pan is first stripped of all components and bolted into a cutting jig. The pan is shortened and all tubes are pulled out of the back and trimmed to fit. Then the jig is cranked together and the pan is mig-welded. During this process, any weak or rusted areas are removed and replaced with new, stronger metal.  JPS Classics are built on a specially designed tubular steel chassis which accommodates VW suspension components.

Build-up of the chassis starts with all new brake components from the reservoir to the rotors, including all lines and fittings. The transmission is rebuilt with new bearings, gears and synchros - utilizing a 3:88 final drive ratio. This 3:88 gearing provides better drivability for the lighter car.

The front suspension is rebuilt with new ball-joints, bearings, bushings, and a new steering box is fitted. Also, an adjustable lowering mechanism is installed.

At the rear, adjustable coil-over shocks are utilized. Up front, special valve-lowered shocks make for an even ride. Stiffer shocks and valving are available on JPS Customs.


The painting process takes three to four weeks. We use the original German Glasurit method of painting, color sanding, and buffing all panels along with finish polishing of all body surfaces.




Following painting, the body is mounted to the pan and the steering is installed. All cables and hoses are new, including a new fuel line from the front-mounted gas tank to the engine.

The car is then wired with a new harness designed for the specific components of the assembly. New replica gauges are installed (in the proper positions for the year being replicated - 1957) and are matched to the VW drive-train.



The interior fabrics include the best automotive carpets and the best vinyls or leathers for the specific application. Two types of seats are available: the original 356 Speedster style (with cut-outs); and a Special Speedster GT style (JPS Custom only).

A new custom-fitted canvas top and side curtains are included. Additionally, a short canvas boot to cover the lowered top is also provided.



Finally, your car is taken to the alignment shop to double-check and adjust the tracking and suspension for smooth performance.

All completed cars are fitted to the driver. The ergonomics can accommodate nearly all heights of drivers, including those over six-feet-tall. If you have special seating needs, we can make adjustments within certain limits.

Delivery is 12 months for a JPS Custom, from the date of the first deposit and signed assemble agreement.  (Black Custom cars usually take an additional week for the painting process.)  JPS Classics are usually delivered within 4-6 months.

All JPS cars carry a 12 month/12,000 mile guarantee. Stock engines are warrantied for 24 months/24,000 miles; High Performance engines are warrantied for 6 months/6,000 miles.


We love what we do, we love describing what we do, and we stand by our work.  That's why our cars carry a 12 month/12,000 mile guarantee.  If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch.  You will not get the hard sell from us.  We are happy to get you the information that you need, and let you make your decision in whatever time frame you want.

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