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About Us

In 1954, Max Hoffman, the importer of Porsche cars to North America persuaded Ferdinand to make a lightweight, racing oriented sports car for the West Coast. The "Speedster" was born and was an immediate success. Some 44 years later John Steele was inspired to make a modern replica of the now iconic Speedster, as a way to offer a modern classic car that was exciting and visceral to drive. A car that would connect its driver to the road and directly to the machine. Using modern components, the first of John's Speedsters hit the road in 1992. Since then, more than 400 JPS Speedsters and Coupes have been designed and built for customers all over the world.

What Our Customers Say

Jason, Hollywood CA

I've driven my JPS Speedster for the past fifteen years.  It's the most reliable and fun car I've ever owned.

Dan, California

I have had my JPS Speedster for 5 years and it continues to be a head turner.  People love to give me a smile and  a cool thumbs up as I drive by.

Jack, New York

After more than 21,000 miles, my JPS Speedster still looks great and runs well. I love my
Speedster and am proud to take it on the road.

Customer Testimonials
Behind the Scenes
Here's a quick video tour of our factory, on a typical Saturday. Outside we always have new steel reinforced bodies curing in the California sun, and freshly painted bodies awaiting assembly.  Inside, we have our customers' dream cars taking shape.  Watch an air-cooled 2110cc engine go into a Speedster, and see inside the engine bay of a Subaru-powered green Speedster.  Check out some very special Custom Coupe Outlaws under construction.  We host many of our customers at our shop during various stages of the build - there's always a lot to see!
Behind the Scenes
Come and Meet Us
We regularly exhibit our JPS cars at car shows and other events in California and in other parts of the U.S.  It's always great to meet our existing and new customers, so please call us to schedule an appointment, come meet us and inspect our work for yourself.
Come Meet Us
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